Are You Buying Electrolytes Made from Fake Salt? (Watch This)


DHEA, Testosterone and Optimal Health with Aging

Low levels of DHEA are associated with increased risk of many diseases and poor health. 

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When's the Best Time to Take DHEA: Evening Dosing May be Best

DHEA has been long-known to counteract the effects cortisol. In this video we discuss the research and potential applications for dosing DHEA in the evening. 

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Health Benefits of Inositol Explained: Sleep, Healthy Blood Glucose Metabolism and More

Inositol and myo-inositol function as signaling molecules within the body and have potential health benefits related to supporting healthy glucose metabolism, sleep and reproductive health*. 

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Your Adrenal Glands to into a Menopause-like Phase called Adrenopause

Your adrenal glands to into a menopause-like phase called adrenopause. In this video we discuss ways to support healthy DHEA and adrenal hormone levels* as you age. 

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Iodine Beyond Your Thyroid: an Essential Nutrient for all Organ Systems

Although Iodine is an essential nutrient required for all organ systems, it’s commonly misunderstood.

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