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Natural Alternatives to the Magic Weight Loss Drug Hollywood Elites Are Injecting

Natural Alternatives to the Magic Weight Loss Drug Hollywood Elites Are Injecting

An old diabetes drug is all the rage nowadays when it comes to weight loss, according to the media Hollywood Elites.

Semiglutide (Ozempic) is an injectable drug that amplifies the messages of the gut hormone GLP-1, which often become desensitized with insulin resistance and weight gain.  

This video dives more into Semiglutide, gut hormones and their impact on weight loss as well as metabolism. 


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Video Timestamps:

0:30 GLP-1, glucagon like peptide 1, functions under the category of gastrointestinal incretin hormones that helps you process the foods you eat. It improves insulin sensitivity.

1:30 About 80% of the mechanisms of bariatric surgery is by amplifying the release of incretin hormones.

2:50 Semiglutide exerts stress on pancreatic beta cells, with an increased prevalence of pancreatitis and potentially pancreatic cancer.

7:10 Exercise increases the release of gastrointestinal incretin hormones.

7:25 Berberine HCl increases gut hormones and changes your microbiome.

7:40 These incretin hormones control the ecosystem of your gut microbiome and can improve function of immune cells around your gut.


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