Boost Creatine Absorption with Electrolytes (Here's More)

About MYOXCIENCE Nutrition

Quality, safety and effectiveness are our core values. We want our customers to actually notice improvements with our formulas.

Formulas are made in an FDA-inspected and NSF and TGA-certified facility.

Why MYOXCIENCE and About the Founder:

In the early 2000's multiple research articles emerged linking the health of muscle with longevity. Diabetes is thought to begin within the muscle, researchers speculate.

In 2012 Mike Mutzel dreamed of creating a nutritional company, MYOXCIENCE, that would help people maintain and sustain their metabolic health and body composition (e.g. lose fat) by supporting the health of their muscle. 

For years Mike was a top sales rep for one of the nations leading practitioner lines, building sales territories in various states on the West Coast, Rocky Mountain Region, Midwest and Canada. The opportunity allowed him to work with some of largest names in the natural product space. 

After 12 years of successfully helping numerous doctors better implement clinical nutrition into their clinical practice, Mike followed his dream of creating his own supplement brand: MYOXCIENCE. 

MYOXCIENCE customers benefit from the unique skillset acquired from over a decade of working closely with practitioners using natural products in their clinics paired with years of experience on the actual custom manufacturing side.

We hope to help you in your health journey!

Mike Mutzel, MS