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When's the Best Time to Take DHEA: Evening Dosing May be Best

DHEA has been long-known to counteract the effects cortisol. In this video we discuss the research and potential applications for dosing DHEA in the evening. 

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Episode Time Stamps 

00:08 DHEA is a hormone that is made by your adrenal gland. Its production declines at about age 20.

00:15 Post-menopausal women depend upon DHEA, since ovaries are no longer making androgens.

00:25 Low DHEA could mean low testosterone, loss of muscle mass, and sarcopenia.

00:43 It is better to take DHEA in the evening.

00:50 DHEA decreases cortisol levels.

01:05 Sleep quality is independently correlated with the differences between your PM cortisol and your AM cortisol levels.

01:20 You want low cortisol at bedtime, and you want high cortisol when you awaken.

03:00 Sleep quality declines as you age. Poor quality sleep is linked with obesity, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and poor metabolic health.

03:25 Test for DHEA sulfate.

04:35 Supplementing with physiologic doses of DHEA can help us age more gracefully.

05:20 DHEA Dosing Men: 10 mg/decade of life.

05:25 DHEA Dosing Women: 2.5 mg/decade of life.



  • For Hepatitis C:

    Scott Bullard
  • I’m trying to figure out what I can do I was put on Suboxone in 2007 and have struggled for yrs trying to get off. It basically destroys your adrenal glands. I have hepatitis and I am doing everything possible to be healthy again. I’m trying tudca and NAC with tocotrienols and Milk thistle as well as pregnenolone and just ordered dhea. Can you please help me with any of this?

    Dawn Hines

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