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When's the Best Time to Take DHEA: Evening Dosing May be Best

When's the Best Time to Take DHEA: Evening Dosing May be Best

DHEA has been long-known to counteract the effects cortisol. In this video we discuss the research and potential applications for dosing DHEA in the evening. 

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Episode Time Stamps 

00:08 DHEA is a hormone that is made by your adrenal gland. Its production declines at about age 20.

00:15 Post-menopausal women depend upon DHEA, since ovaries are no longer making androgens.

00:25 Low DHEA could mean low testosterone, loss of muscle mass, and sarcopenia.

00:43 It is better to take DHEA in the evening.

00:50 DHEA decreases cortisol levels.

01:05 Sleep quality is independently correlated with the differences between your PM cortisol and your AM cortisol levels.

01:20 You want low cortisol at bedtime, and you want high cortisol when you awaken.

03:00 Sleep quality declines as you age. Poor quality sleep is linked with obesity, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and poor metabolic health.

03:25 Test for DHEA sulfate.

04:35 Supplementing with physiologic doses of DHEA can help us age more gracefully.

05:20 DHEA Dosing Men: 10 mg/decade of life.

05:25 DHEA Dosing Women: 2.5 mg/decade of life.