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DHEA, Testosterone and Optimal Health with Aging

DHEA, Testosterone and Optimal Health with Aging

Low levels of DHEA are associated with increased risk of many diseases and poor health. 


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You probably through it was strange when Amazon suddenly prohibited the sale of NAC on it’s platform in 2021. 

Now, it appears, PayPal is doing something similar when it comes to DHEA: they're closing down merchants for selling it. 

Note: DHEA is a legal specialty dietary supplement, just like melatonin. 

On Friday, hours after posting this video summarizing the many health benefits of DHEA for aging adults, PayPal closed MYOXCIENCE’s merchant account. (Insert frustration emoji, here.)

There was no warning, no attempt at resolution. Just am email saying, “Sorry, but your PayPal account has been permanently suspended.”  

I don’t know what this means for the future of DHEA availability or supply, but it caught us by surprise.

We’d like to continue offering DHEA, but also realize many customers prefer PayPal as a merchant so we may soon be forced to discontinue the sale of DHEA in order to stay compliant with PayPal. (More on this soon.)