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Iodine Beyond Your Thyroid: an Essential Nutrient for all Organ Systems

Although Iodine is an essential nutrient required for all organ systems, it’s commonly misunderstood.

For example, a healthy adult body contains roughly 25 mg of iodine, 70-80% of which is stored in the thyroid gland, yet many people think they have an “iodine allergy.”

Learn more about the health benefits of iodine:

People actually have an allergy to iodinated contrast used for radiological imaging.

But that’s not all. People with thyroid disease*, who would actually benefit from iodine, have been told that iodine is bad for them. 

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Here’s a review of the biology that may help clear up this confusion:

We discuss more about:

-Why taking iodine increases TSH (which is not necessarily a bad thing)

-How TSH actually helps the body increase iodine absorption

-Why iodine should be taken with selenium

-Do iodine allergies really exist?

-Iodine uses beyond just the thyroid

I think you’ll find this one helpful!



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  • Great informative video on Iodine! Years ago I had read that NO ONE should take iodine as a supplement. Now I know the reason. Thanks so much!


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