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High Protein, Low-Carb Dessert Recipe Tastes Better Than Ice Cream

High Protein, Low-Carb Dessert Recipe Tastes Better Than Ice Cream

This easy recipe has a similar taste and mouth feel of ice cream without all the carbs and sugar. Using just four ingredients, this high-protein, low-carb recipe is a family favorite and can be used as a breakfast for children, post-workout snack and ice-cream substitute. 

Ice cream is quite tasty, but it's not very healthy... Each serving of commercial ice cream has up to 50 grams of sugar. This recipe, in contrast, contains less than 20 grams of carbs, but you're getting: grass fed, whey protein, whole milk yogurt, collagen and organic blueberries.

Here's What You'll Need to Make this Recipe 

-1 cup Full Fat Yogurt

-1/2 cup Organic Blueberries 

-1 scoop MYOXCIENCE Grass-fed Whey Protein 

-1 scoop MYOXCIENCE Optimized Collagen Peptides 

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Optional: Raw milk, add to taste

Step One:

Using a spoon or  spatula, mix the full fat yogurt with grass-fed whey protein and collagen. This step takes about 30 seconds or so, mix thoroughly. 

Step Two:

Add 1/2 cup frozen blueberries to the yogurt/protein/collagen mixture. 

Step Three:

Enjoy! You can add a little honey or raw milk to enhance the flavor/texture per your preference. This is a wonderful pre or post-workout recipe that has the consistency of ice cream without all the carbs and sugar. 

Video Transcript: 

In today's video, we're going to make an amazing protein rich dessert that tastes better than ice cream. know some of you're like, yeah, right, Mike, how can this taste better than ice cream? Let me prove it to you. We have this all the time. We know that ice cream is really tasty, but it's not healthy. It's enrich in sugar as serving of ice cream is about 40 to 50 grams of sugar. This, in contrast, is less than 20 grams of sugar, but you're getting grass fed, whey protein, full-fat yogurt and some organic blueberries. So here's how you'd make it really simple stuff. What you do is you pour out your frozen blueberries like so.I know a lot of you type A want to know how much blueberries, Mike, half a cup, a third of a cup. I just eye-ball it. I'm not into all sorts of strict measurements and things like that.


So this is what we'd like to do, or as an alternative to ice cream in the evening. So about cover the bottom of a small bowl with some blueberries. Then I'll take several heaping tablespoons of a really good grass-fed organic yogurt. So I like to mix the yogurt and the blueberries first and get this thoroughly mixed before adding the protein and the collagen. What's nice about this is it turns the yogurt into a nice purplecolor, and what's going to happen is as you mix it, the blueberries are going to melt and it's going to give you that same texture that an ice cream would give to you without the sugar and all the other stuff that is in ice cream that's unhealthy. Now, here's where we make it more healthy. Lower the glycemic index and increase the protein content. Remember the protein leverage hypothesis posits, low protein foods lead to increased consumption of carbs and fats.


We're going to make this high protein so that you're not going to crave more cookies, ice creams and crackers. So we have a grass-fed whey protein concentrate from MYOXCIENCE, the best grass-fed whey protein out there.

I like concentrates over isolates because concentrates have the immunoglobulin sthat are good for gut health. They're good for immune system health*.

The immunoglobulins are helpful.So this is a whey protein concentrate from New Zealand.

Just for fun, we're going to add in the Optimized Collagen Peptides. This future is patented peptides that are made by enzymatic processes from European sources. So this is a really clean, optimized collagen peptide. Now we want to do that because this is good for your hair, skin, your nails, gut health. Now all we're doing, my friends, is just we're working the powder into the mix. So it's going to give you that same coldness that an ice cream would give you with less than half the sugar, and you're going to get the protein, you're going to get the collagen, you're going to get the polyphenol compounds from the berries and on and on.


So a lot of benefits here. It tastes phenomenal. If you give this to kids or your friends and family, they're not going to want to crave ice cream or some of the junk. So if you really like sweet, I'm not a huge sweet guy, you could add in a little bit of honey, but I find that when you add honey to cold things, it kind ofchanges the consistency and the textures. So basically the macros here, we have about 10 grams of collagen peptides that are good for your hair, skin nails. We have 20 grams of grass-fed protein. We have about half a cup of organic blueberries, which will garner a


Whopping 10 grams of sugar and six grams of fiber and all kinds of polyphenol compounds. So the nice part about this too, when you just grab ice cream from the freezer, there's no pre insulin release, there's no cephalic phase of digestion. I'm salivating now, and hopefully you are too, by just watching and bein gpart of this process. So that is part and parcel with healthy metabolic health. The pre-meal, insulin releasethe cephalic phase of digestion, gut health starts here, my friends. And so when you are involved in the cooking and food preparation process, that lends itself to better meal digestion. So this is the easiest way to make a healthy breakfast, a healthy ice cream alternative and sweet substitute in the evening. If you do this, you will not have to buy ice cream and your waistline will thank you for it. So hopefully you found this information helpful. Friends, if you enjoyed this video, please hit that like button.

Leave me comment in the comment section below, and share this with a friend who may benefit from this. Super-simple ingredients, just four ingredients you have, blueberries, organic yogurt, grass-fed, protein, and collagen. This is an amazing dessert that your whole family will enjoy.