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DHEA, Thyroid & Testosterone: New Connections

A new study builds on the trend we’ve been discussing—that DHEA may support hormone and immune system health--- so thought it was worthy of a video breakdown.  


Researchers in Europe gave older men with thyroid disease DHEA or no treatment for six months. The men in the treatment group had statistically significant improvements in immune health compared to the men in the control group.

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Men in the DHEA treatment arm also had a significant increases in testosterone compared to the men who weren’t receiving the therapy.


Here’s links to the article mentioned above, as I thought you might be interested:

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  • I am a 45 yr old female with an avg A1c of 10 as tested in Feb, on my own I’ve dropped my avg blood sugars 100 points… I’ve recently added your DHEA Berberine bundle to my routine. My blood sugar and fat percentage are down and muscle is up. In addition my BMI has gone down 3 points. So far no noticable negative effects…


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