Boost Creatine Absorption with Electrolytes (Here's More)

Creatine Supplementation May Decrease the Risk of Dehydration During Exercise

Creatine Supplementation May Decrease the Risk of Dehydration During Exercise

There’s a fascinating connection emerging between creatine, muscle and hydration.

Since muscle is the main reservoir of water in the body, research finds dehydration can impact muscular performance and the metabolic properties of muscle (e.g. glucose and insulin metabolism etc…).

Creatine paired with electrolytes may be helpful in the context of hydration and muscle function, as creatine increases total body water.


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Key Takeaways: 

- Creatine supplementation increases intramuscular creatine and phosphocreatine stores, enhancing physical performance and stamina at various exercise intensities and workloads.

 - New studies find creatine supplementation may decrease the risk of dehydration during exercise. 

-To optimize creatine absorption, consume creatine before and/or during exercise training.

Scientists say, “Creatine is also known to be an osmotically active substance which draws water into cells... creatine could result in a fluid balance shift where more water could be retained intracellularly...”

When is the Best Time to Take Creatine

Creatine peaks within the 2-hour window after ingestion and remains elevated for up to 4 hours, therefore taking creatine before exercise appears to be the best time to optimize the benefits of creatine. 

Pairing creatine with electrolytes increases absorption of creatine and may enhance athletic performance (Hummer et al 2019). 


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