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Berberine Supports Metabolic Health, Belly Fat Loss in Women

Berberine Supports Metabolic Health, Belly Fat Loss in Women

Berberine has many health benefits, but one of the most compelling findings emerging from clinical trials is its connection to weight loss (specifically belly fat reduction).  

One recently published 12-week study compared the metabolic health related effects of Berberine, Metformin and Myo-Inositol. 

The investigators reported similar improvements in metabolic and hormonal health parameters with the three different interventions...

However, they observed greater belly fat loss and more favorable body composition changes in the group receiving berberine compared to the other interventions. 


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Time Stamps  

01:00 Berberine, myo-inositol, and Metformin induced significant changes in waist circumference, body composition, and metabolic parameters.

01:15 Berberine may help reduce cardiovascular disease risk in women*

03:30 Metformin, myoinositol and berberine can be used in combination.

05:45 Berberine group had a greater reduction in waist circumference.

07:11 Sex hormone binding globulin increased more in the berberine group.

07:20 Myo-inositol group improved fasting insulin better than berberine and Metformin.

09:14 Lipid related parameters improved in all groups, with berberine having the greater improvement

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