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Berberine HCl as Fast Mimicking Compound

Berberine HCl as Fast Mimicking Compound


It seems that every week a new research article is published highlighting the importance of blood sugar health during “the new normal.”

Sleep hygiene, a low-carb diet, exercise and time-restricted feeding (TRF) are some of the most science-backed ways to flatten your blood sugar curve.

Berberine HCl is another tool to support healthy glucose metabolism*, our customers have found.

Berberine Best Practices

Morning: you can take Berberine HCl in the morning if you prefer to delay when you break your fast. 

Late Afternoon Evening: based on the emerging chrononutrition science, it makes the most sense to take berberine shortly after your last meal. That is, use berberine to help kick-start your evening fast. 

Some customer report they notice improved sleep when they use Berberine HCl in the afternoon or early evening. 

The only time you really don't want to take Berberine HCl is in the few hours prior to working out. It's not inherently bad for exercise, but it won't necessarily improve your exercise performance either. 

If you test your ketones, you may notice a surprising increases in ketones within 30 to 45 minutes after ingesting the Berberine--suggesting it's favorably impacting fat metabolism. 

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Researchers find Berberine HCl supports metabolic health by acting synergistically with probiotics and possibly fermented foods.



Ming, J., et al. (2021). Effectiveness and safety of Bifidobacterium and berberine in human hyperglycemia and their regulatory effect on the gut microbiota: a multi-center, double-blind, randomized, parallel-controlled study, 1–14.