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Berberine HCl as Fast Mimicking Compound


It seems that every week a new research article is published highlighting the importance of blood sugar health during “the new normal.”


Sleep hygiene, a low-carb diet, exercise and time-restricted feeding (TRF) are some of the most science-backed ways to flatten your blood sugar curve.


Berberine HCl is another tool to support healthy glucose metabolism*, our customers have found.


While wearing a continuous glucose monitor, customers notice it helps push down the peaks and almost immediately increases ketones after ingestion.



  • Looking for some supplements to support 15lb fat loss. 🎯Of course along with healthy lifestyle 😀

  • Should creatine be avoided when taking this? The only research I found suggested creatine upregulates AMPK but it seems counter-intuitive that something that promotes anabolic muscle building would be okay to take when targeting autophagy…


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